Mel Dzelde is the happiest person we know. 

Despite beating rectal cancer three times only to have it return for a fourth bout, she is now recovering from more surgery and the added shock of being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

While this situation would be devastating for most, Mel Dzelde doesn’t let it affect her happiness.

“I have had an ongoing battle with cancer since 2017. It happened originally when I was pregnant with my youngest child who turns 21. I now have stage 4 rectal cancer.

“During hard times, I decided I had to go to a happy place. Even when I couldn’t lift my head, I’d go to my happy place!”

Mel subsequently decided to write a children’s book named Azzurra about a five-year-old girl with cancer.

“It’s a picture book with a difference. Why can’t adults have picture books as well?”


While the topic may sound deep, Mel assures us that it’s a “high vibe story about hope and finding your inner dragon”.

Listen to our inspirational full chat with Mel Dzelde:

You can purchase a copy of Azzurra here.