A Kmart employee has helped us out in these times of Anko scarcity with a hint on how to read those out-of-stock labels on Kmart shelves.

A post shared to the Facebook group Kmart Educator Hacks Australia told of a Queensland shopper’s trip to the department store to get a sausage roll maker.

Like so many other things at the moment, sausage roll makers are out-of-stock, with the shopper finding bare shelves where the popular appliance would usually be.

Upon asking a Kmart staff member, the shopper was told what to look for if you want to know when a certain item might reappear.

Look for labels with the heading Temporarily out of stock and for the letters EDD, this gives you an item’s estimated delivery date.

The date is printed as a six-digit code in the DDMMYY format.


People were just as shocked as we were to find this out, with some labelling it a “game changer” and others heralding the useful hack!

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