A hooded blanket has been the go-to winter essential item for many worldwide, but Aussie shoppers have now found an excellent look-a-like version that is almost 4x cheaper than a popular brand.

The popular $109 “Oodie” has gone viral, becoming a go-to winter essential for thousands of people. Still, Kmart has come through with their budget-friendly fashion alternative and released a $29 look-a-like version that has left shoppers going crazy to get one!

A popular TikTok has shown off the cheaper alternative, with thousands of people commenting in support, saying, “So worth it, cheaper & just as cosy.”

@yaasssmineeYou’re welcome, save yourself the $$$ 😎 ##Kmart ##oodie ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##kmarthacks

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While some are in support, others commented saying, “Cheaper, but not as warm.”


So with the mixed reviews on this one, we put the question to you guys, which one would you get?

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