We know that we’re all in the midst of a global pandemic and it can be very stressful, emotional and down right confusing for all of us at times.

But we’ve got to say, this whole working from home thing isn’t half bad…

There’s many perks to it actually! We can stay in our pyjamas literally 24/7, no one is here to judge our snacking habits, you can finally ignore Susan from finance because ignoring emails is easy…

Oh and the best part? You get to be home with your dog!

Literally how could work not be enjoyable when your spending 100% less of your time with annoying coworkers and 100% more of your time with your adorable doggo?

But have you ever wondered how they feel about the whole WFH situation? Well we took a stab in the dark at it actually and we bet that your pup has thought all of these things at least once during your self-isolation.



1) Yay you’re home!
2) Why are you home though?
3) Play with me!
4) I love all these extra cuddles
5)Okay, that’s enough cuddles now
6) Yes I know I’m a good boy
7) food, food, food, food, food, food
8) Are you going to share your lunch with me?
9) More treats please
10) Waaaaay too many treats
11) Why are you showing me off to all of these people in your computer?
12) What do you mean your computer charger isn’t a chew toy?
13) No I don’t want to be in your TikTok video
14) Do you ever change out of your pyjamas?
15) Don’t ever leave me again

Oh also, if you’re looking for some extra WFH procrastination content, someone has literally made an Instagram page called Dogs Working From Home… You’re welcome!

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