ANZAC Day – April 25th – is a very important day in Australian and New Zealand history.

It’s a day that marks the first landing of the ANZACs in Gallipoli and is also a national day of remembrance for those brave people who have served in all wars.

But this year, ANZAC Day will happen a little bit differently, as it will take place amid the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

It will be an ANZAC Day for the history books.

But just because we have to be apart at this time doesn’t mean that we can’t still remember those who served and sacrificed their lives for our country.

What you can do to commemorate ANZAC Day:

Light a candle or simply put on a porch light, head to the end of your driveway, balcony or backyard, and stream WSFM’s Dawn Service.


We will also hold a minutes silence to honour our brave servicemen and women, past and present.

The ANZAC spirit, and Australian spirit in general, involves mateship. So this ANZAC Day, check in on your mate and see how they’re doing during this tough time. And if you know a veteran, reach out and thank them for their service.

You might even want to get creative and decorate your home with red poppies. These don’t have to be real, they can simply be ones made at home with the kids! You might want to place them on your mailbox or even make your own wreath to hang on your door to help commemorate the ANZAC spirit.

So, let’s stand together this ANZAC Day.

Listen to our ANZAC Day tribute broadcast live on 101.7 WSFM at 6am on Saturday 25 April.

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