A Sydney private school principal has banned its students from having mullets. 

“In addition to the correct uniform, students’ appearance including hairstyles must be in line with the College expectations from day one,” said Waverley College Deputy Principal Patrick Brennan.

“The ‘mullet’ haircut trending at present is not acceptable and students will be directed to the local barber or their preferred hair stylist to rectify any issues.”

Hairdressers across Sydney have supported the school’s decision, with some labelling it “bogan”.

“I don’t think they’re attractive, I don’t think they’re flattering and I think they kind of scream bogan,” Celebrity hairdresser Joh Bailey told Daily Telegraph.

The publication reports that Waverley College isn’t the only school that has banned the retro style, with Snowy Mountains Grammar School and Bathurst’s Scots All Saints College both banning the controversial hairstyle.

Do you agree with the school’s decision to ban the mullet? Are you a fan of the hairstyle?

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