An Instagram ‘influencer’ is being roasted online for her entitled, ridiculous Yelp review.

The woman went to an Italian restaurant and said the food was delicious – “some of the best Italian food” she’d ever tried.

But she gave the restaurant a one-star rating because they didn’t give her a discount when she told them she was posting about them to her Instagram!

“I’m giving 1 star because of the cheap management and customer service. I heard the food was very good so I went to try. Me and the BF got the calamari, spaghetti alle vongole, and gnocchi. All were very delicious,” the review read.

“I was actually so impressed that when the manager came to as us how everything tasted I told her it was some of the best Italian food I’ve had and I told her I’m going to post about it on Instagram where I have over 11 thousand followers and a lot of them are in the area. She seemed very happy about it.

“I was wrong. I thought that she would be greatful (sic) for the free advertising but when the check came there was literally no discount at all. I thought at least one of the entrees would be taken off but they didn’t even take off the calamari or even the drinks!

“I won’t go back here because of this. Which is a shame because the food was very good. The manager needs to understand how to treat customers.”


Unsurprisingly she’s been blasted online.

“Giving a horrible review like that all because she couldn’t have free food … she should be ashamed of herself. There was no arrangement with the restaurant before she ate there, where does she get off?”