You’ve probably seen this conspiracy theory pop up in your social media feed time and time again amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but how accurate are these dangerous 5G claims?

Yes, we’re talking about the theory that there’s a link between 5G technology with the coronavirus.

Leading infectious disease specialist Professor Sanjaya Senanayake joined Jonesy & Amanda to debunk the notorious conspiracy theory that has been gaining traction since January.

“I was so surprised when I first heard this and I’m even more surprised that it continues to be circulated,” Professor Senanayake told us.

“Radiation through 5G is not harmful to people and even if it were harmful enough to affect our immune cells, it wouldn’t just be coronavirus that would be brought into the foray, it would also be other infections like the flu for instance.”

He added, “But, we’ve seen a 96 per cent reduction in flu notifications to the commonwealth in April, and the other thing about 5G is that COVID-19 has permeated through everywhere in the world including parts of countries that don’t have 5G and countries that don’t have 5G so it’s just ludicrous!”

Click ‘PLAY’ below for our full chat with Professor Sanjaya Senanayake:


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