Just when we thought that toilet paper was bound to be the most ridiculous thing for people to panic-buy, New Yorkers have upped the ante with their shortages.

People in New York City are buying dogs, lots of dogs.

Now there is a dog shortage, or at least a shortage on dogs that are up for adoption.

This totally official-looking graph that we made shows the apparent exponential rise in people searching online for dogs in New York.

Graph showing the level of interest in dogs in New York City recently

The number of applications to adopt new dogs and cats has surged in recent weeks, as people adhere to a ‘shelter-in-place’ order.

And why not? We think now is the perfect time to be bringing a new fur baby into the family.


The RSPCA agrees too, and has urged Aussies to adopt more cats and dogs in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

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