2020 stopped the majority of us from having an international holiday, but for one little athlete, nothing was going to get in the way of an abroad adventure.

A racing pigeon has managed to travel across the pacific from America to Melbourne!

The “tame” bird decided to drop into a backyard on Boxing Day in the south-eastern suburbs to drink in a water feature. When it came back the next day, the home-owner Kevin Chelli-Bird decided to try and find its owner.

After doing some research on discovery of a band attached to it, it turns out the bird was actually registered to an American racing pigeon union and hails all the way from Montgomery, Alabama.

Oh, and it even has a name… Joe!


The people-in-the-know have suggested it’s unlikely Joe flew all the way here. The Vice President of the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation Rod Churchill suggested he came by ship after being flown off course by strong winds during one of his races.

“It’s then been on that [ship] for awhile and got onto another ship and eventually found its way here to Australia,” he told 7NEWS.

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