Anyone who runs iOS on their devices will know how handy it is to use Siri, especially when you’re elbows-deep in cookie dough, right?

Thing is, it’s one better for those who use the iHeartRadio app.

Here’s why.

Not only is it the only app you’ll ever need for stations and podcasts, iHeartRadio listeners on iOS mobile devices running iOS version 12 or higher can now create custom shortcuts using Siri.

So instead of manually clicking into the app and searching to find what you’re after, you can now just summon Siri to do it for you.

Here’s how to set it up:

To create Siri shortcuts from within the iHeartRadio app:


1. Play a station or podcast using search or directly from Your Library.

2. While the player is in full-screen mode, tap the 3 dots on the station or podcast you wish to add as a shortcut.

3. Select Add to Siri.

4. You will be prompted to record a personalised phrase like ‘Play 96FM’ or ‘Play KIIS 1065’ or ‘Play Eskimo Joe Radio’, etc.

5. Save by tapping Done.

If you need to edit what you’ve saved:


1. On the For You tab tap the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner.

2. On this page select Siri shortcuts.

3. Select the shortcut you wish to edit.

4. Here you will have the option to re-record your shortcut phrase or to delete the shortcut.

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