Charcoal Chicken legends El Jannah may be making way into Newtown, bringing the iconic Lebanese brand closer to the city than ever before.

Sightings of a storefront sign that says “El Jannah Express” in Newtown have driven the internet into a frenzy. The image, which seems to have originated in a Facebook post on the page My Love Affair with Newtown, captioned “Out with ‘Istanbul’ and In with ‘el jannah’ . . .”, in reference to Istanbul on King, the much-loved Turkish restaurant that closed nearby in the last year.

The new location is supposedly opening super soon, telling Pedestrian that they’re hoping to open within 3-4 weeks. It seems they were trying to be sneaky about it too, because at the time of writing there’s no announcement on their social media or website.

As well as bringing more of their amazing food to more of Sydney, the Newtown store is looking to introduce a new type of El Jannah, with the ‘Express’ moniker supposedly meaning the location will be takeaway-only, and will be on UberEats so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy ungodly amounts of garlic sauce. Finally, you won’t even have to worry about people complaining about your garlicky breath.


Many are pointing at this new store as a seismic shift in the fabled Chicken Curtain that divides Sydney, marking El Jannah’s easternmost foray so far. Debates on the implications have already sprung up on Twitter.

It’s strange to think that El Jannah will soon no longer just be Western Sydney’s secret weapon, but that future is upon us and who could say no to more El Jannah?

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