Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined Jonesy & Amanda to chat about the impact being dismissed as leader of the Liberals had on his mental health, as well as his decade long feud with Tony Abbott.

When asked whether he would like being Prime Minister during this tough time, he said that he would love it as it’s the “best job in the world”. While he would love the job, he believes that Scott Morrison and his party is doing a good job and that we should “cut people some slack”.

However, Turnbull was not afraid to target the government’s decision to allow the cruise industry to continue.

“One bit mistake made by all governments was not to shut down that cruise industry form early February,” he told Jonesy & Amanda.

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So, why did he decide to release his new autobiography now? Turnbull explains that their intention was not to release it during such a “bad time”.


“It’s a bad time for everybody, this is not a good time to be trying to promote or sell anything really,” he explained, making note that the publishing industry needs the cashflow, as well as the printers.

“There’s lead times in place. We set the April 20 date sometime last year.

“We couldn’t identify what would be a better date so I guess life has to go on.”

The former Prime Minister also delved into his mental health battle after being dumped as leader.


“After I was dumped as leader at the end of 2009, the following year I fell into a deep dark depression and I was very ill for a while.

“The most disturbing element was when I found some diary entries I made in 2010 and I had just written down how I was feeling and I’d locked them away in a file with a lock. I lost the password which I then found.

“I had suicidal thoughts, thoughts of death in my mind, it was a dreadful time, and you see I never had that problem before.

“It almost gave me PTSD reading it! But, the important thing is that I confronted it… I hope it provides people with some hope and encouragement.”

Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography ‘A Bigger Picture’ is available now.

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