Have you ever seen anything like it?

The soaring handmade laughing Kookaburra is stopping people all over Queensland and online with its massive size and roaring laugh.

ABC News reports that Townsville local, Farvardin Daliri worked on the piece of quarantine art while locked down in Brisbane.

Mr Daliri encouraged local residents to check out the eight-and-a-half metre bird while he was near completion – at a safe social distance of course.

Farvardin told ABC Radio’s Rebecca Levinston, “It’s made with steel round bars that are rounded and put together and locked.”


He added, ”then on the top of the holographic steel bars which are light enough to travel, I put natural materials like bamboo skins which are being treated and painted”

Dr Daliri created the huge Kookaburra for the Townsville Cultural Festival which he founded and is the executive director of.

ABC News says it is unknown if the Townsville Cultural Festival will go ahead in August and shares that Dr Daliri said there will be a theme of “laughter” after a dark start to 2020.