Everyone’s been getting their puzzle on during self-isolation at the moment as a way to stay busy and entertained.

And honestly just a normal puzzle is enough to test our very little patience. For us, doing a puzzle is like a job we have to finish, not something fun that we just have a go at for pleasure.

So you can imagine our absolute DISGUST when our eyes came across possibly the most nightmarish puzzle in the entire universe.

Oddly enough this puzzle comes from sauce company Heinz and basically it’s just 570 pieces all in the exact same tomato sauce red.

Enough said really.


Can you just imagine how long this would actually take to complete? Pretty sure ours would end up being thrown at the wall before we could get that far.

But if for some reason you enjoy torturing yourself and reckon you’d enjoy putting this thing together, you can’t actually buy the Heinz jigsaw. It seems you have to win one from the tomato sauce company.

Apparently there’s 57 puzzles up for grabs in honour of the 57 varieties of Heinz and all you have to do to win one is tell them, “What’s the most puzzling food you love to put ketchup on?”

Leave your answer in the comments section and you could win. Good luck to you if you do!

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