The countdown has begun for the start of Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout, more than a year after the first case was detected in the country.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed the rollout will begin next Monday after the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in Australia.

The shipment included more than 142,000 doses of the vaccine, with 50,000 set to go to the states and territories for hotel quarantine workers, frontline health workers, and residential and disability care.

Hunt joined Jonesy & Amanda to discuss the various phases, confirming that October is their “objective” for when all groups will have access to the vaccine.

“We start in late February and aim to complete it by the end of October,” he explained.

“By the end of March, we’ll be getting a million doses a week… That gives us security of supply in a very uncertain world.”

When asked whether we can get the flu jab as well as the COVID-19 vaccine, he confirmed that it’s completely fine as long as there are “two weeks between them both”.


“It’s free, but it’s not mandatory. We want as many people as possible to take it up. It doesn’t just protect them but their friends, family, grandparents, senior Australians and the elderly. We’re doing it for ourselves and to protect other people.”

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