Just how much would you be willing to spend on a dress made of loom bands?

Apparently someone out there is more than happy to drop £170,100 on this colourful creation!

With just over a day left, bidding for for the dress has reached unpredicted highs, with 137 bids and counting.

Talking to The Daily Mail, Kathryn Burnard says she was shocked by the bids.

“I would’ve been happy to make £50 profit, but this is ridiculous,” she said.


“I’m no eBay expert, I’ve only put on a few things here or there before, but if this is for real then it would be amazing.”

Made from 24,000 loom bands, the dress took three and a half weeks to weave, and cost just £45 for the looms.

And if you’re wondering just how comfortable a dress made of loom bands can be… according to Burnard, it’s anything but!

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