When Joanna was diagnosed with an allergy illness called Mast Cell Disease, nothing could prepare for her the heartbreak of the bizarre and sad situation facing her and her husband. 

Joanna suffers from a severe form of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, an immunological condition that causes her cells to mutate and attack her body.

As her condition gets worse there are more than 100 things that can trigger a dangerous reaction that could kill her. This includes chemicals, foods, smells, and sadly all people, except her siblings.

Her illness forces her to live in a sealed-off, air-filtered room. Her siblings can only care for her after not eating spicy food, showering with soap and must wear clothes that never leave her room. 

Devastatingly, Joanna can’t be in the same room as her husband, Scott. 


(Image: GoFundMe)

It was last year when the couple realised they could no longer be together physically. Johanna started feeling worse when Scott came in the room.

One day he returned after getting a haircut and her anaphylactic symptoms started so he had to leave, Johanna told the BBC. 

That devastating moment was the beginning of the end of them seeing each other in person.

Scott told People that it had been painful to no longer see his wife but “when you can’t see the person you love you have to do things more intentionally. Through this, my love for my wife has grown.”


Joanna and Scott only contact each other through technology from different rooms.  

Though all the hardship and pain, the couple are determined to keep their wedding vows and plan to stay together. 

The couple have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to create a safe allergy free space for Johanna in their home. You can donate HERE

Source: Essential Baby 

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