Now is the time to perfect that summer bod, but which exercises will help you shift those last couple of kilos the quickest? We know the top 10!

*All calculations are based on 60 minutes per activity.

Skipping rope. Yep, that’s right – this school yard favourite is one of the most effective ways to battle the bulge. Time to remember all those childhood skipping chants!
120lbs – 570 calories
150lbs – 704 calories
180lbs – 817 calories

Kickboxing kicks away the rest of the competition is the calorie burning stakes.
120lbs –  559 cals
150lbs – 660 cals
180lbs – 771 cals

Running gets over the finish line a close third.
120lbs – 545 cals
150lbs – 681 cals
180lbs – 817 cals

Elliptical Machine. You may be simulating stair climbing, walking or running, but the calories you’re going to burn are real, very real.
120lbs – 519 cals
150lbs – 625 cals
180lbs – 701 cals

Intense dancing. Yes, those late night/early morning hours at a club cutting a rug will burn up those calories fast!
120lbs – 511 cals
150lbs – 601 cals
180lbs – 695 cals


In-line Skating. What are you waiting for? Get those skates on – literally!
120lbs – 501 cals
150lbs – 600 cals
180lbs – 701 cals

Step Aerobics. As Olivia Newton-John would say, let’s get physical.
120lbs –499 cals
150lbs – 598 cals
180lbs – 695 cals

Cross Country Skiing. Perhaps a winter ski holiday is in order?
120lbs – 475 cals
150lbs – 602 cals
180lbs – 735 cals

Biking. Get out of that car and hop on a bicycle – think of all those calories you’ll burn!
120lbs – 472 cals
150lbs – 562 cals
180lbs – 684 cals

Swimming, an activity that can really cause a splash when it comes to burning up those kjs!
120lbs – 472 cals
150lbs – 563 cals
180lbs – 654 cals


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