If you follow any fashion of beauty bloggers, you’ll know that their Instagram looks amazing and yours, well… doesn’t. Their skies are always bluer, skin is always creamier and lighting is always damn near perfect.

Is there one AMAZING app they all know about that you’re not privvy to? The answer is yes, kind of.

In this video, fashion blogger Marianna Hewitt shows us that there are several apps that are integral to achieving the perfect photo, which we know by now can mean awesome collaborations with brands, free flights, plenty of goodies – and even heaps of cash.


Yep, there’s a reason everyone wants to be a blogger and one of the most integral parts of being successful is a showstopping Instagram account with beautiful photos and plenty of followers. You get followers by being inspirational – and Marianna has showed us not only which apps you should be using, but how to use them!

Vacation goals ✔️

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It’s the best 10 minutes you’ll spend today…

Source: Cosmopolitan

Video via Marianna Hewitt Youtube

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