When you’re stuck in a rut it can be hard to navigate between you’re everyday relationship woes and those signs that something is really wrong.

If this sounds like you then we’ve found four tips from Oprah.com that may be just what you need to hear…

1. You’re mean to the cat

When things aren’t going well in your relationship, often it shows up in other areas of our lives.  From getting mad at the cat to feeling more sad/irritable than normal, sometimes we transfer our relationship frustrations to other areas of our lives.

2. You’re heart might be telling you something – literally

A new study has found people who perceive their partners to be more supportive may have better cardiovascular health.  Sound strange? Then check this out

3. He stays in touch via texts


According to researchers at Brigham Young University, the more men text, the less happy they are with their relationship.  However, women are more likely to consider frequent texting a sign of stability.  You’ve been warned!

4. You just know he’ll freak out

More often than not, our expectations can dictate the outcome of a situation.  In other words, if you’re getting ready for a fight, you’ll probably end up having a fight.  So just, chill, out.

See the full article and explainations at oprah.com!

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