Libby Collins has battled with her weight for 20 years and tipped the scales at 114 kilograms when she decided to make a bet in January last year. 

The family doctor and mother-of-two decided to place a $70 bet with bookmakers, William Hill which turned out to be the best thing she ever did!

The 37-year-old was given odds of 50-1 that she would be able to complete her goal of losing 31 kilograms by the start of 2017.

By making simple lifestyle changes, Dr Collins successfully reach her goal and ended up collecting $4100!

She told the Yorkshire Post she managed the weight loss by preparing ‘healthier’ versions of ‘normal family meals’ and squeezing in trips to the gym all while caring for her two children. 

“The weight loss didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t lose five stones in one go. I did it one pound at a time, one step at a time, by building new habits” She told the newspaper. 


“I work full-time hours and don’t have additional child care, so not a lot of free time to go to the gym, but if I can do it working 12-hour days anyone can.”



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