Melissa Procter was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2014 after she found a lump in her armpit.

After The Aussie mum-of-three had no idea the real impact it would have on her life, telling Daily Mail, “’I thought it would go away, that I was getting the flu or something”. 

“I had an eight-month-old and two other young children, I was busy. So I just left it.” 

The 39-year-old realised after a few weeks that lump had grown in size so she visited her GP. 

After having tests, the worst was confirmed that she had cancerous cells in your breast. 

What followed was a year of treatment: chemotherapy a double mastectomy and radiation to kill the cancer. 

“It was incredibly hard, especially as a mum, because the work doesn’t stop,’ she explained. ‘To be stuck in hospital is really hard. 


“But then you come home and you’ve got these beautiful faces of your children.  Psychologically they helped me more than everything else.”

After all this treatment, the cancer was gone and Ms Procter was in remission. Everything was good, until September 2016, when the mum started to get shooting pains in her leg. 

‘By early November I was calling my mum in tears saying I don’t have a good feeling about this,’ she said. ‘So I went to the GP, who sent me for a scan.’ 

The news wasn’t good. Ms Procter had secondary cancer in her bones. It was in her right side, from her femur through to her spine, shoulder, arm, and the base of skull.

The cancer is stage four, and terminal. The active mum was told that she would soon die. 

Given the limited time Ms Procter will have with her family, they have made a bucket list of experiences they want to have before she leaves them.


Her sister, Amanda, has created a Go Fund Me page to help raise money not only for Ms Procter’s medical costs, but to help her have those experiences.

As part of the bucket list, Ms Procter hopes to take her sons Huon, seven, Mitchum, five, and Harvey, three, to Disneyland, ‘the happiest place on earth’.

They’re also hoping to travel to the UK, where Ms Procter has some family, and just spend as much time together as possible.

‘My future is uncertain, but mine is a known uncertainty,’ the 39-year-old said. 

Can you donate to the fundraising page here