Are you one of those people who is never able to find their hair tie? You fling it in your bag because it looks ugly on your wrist and then poof – it’s gone for all eternity.

Well, a very clever jewellery brand have created the ultimate solution to this issue. They’ve created a bracelet that’s also a built-in hair tie holder.

Yep, BitterSweet Jewelry have done what we all wish we could have; they’ve created a solution to the unsightly hair tie imprint that almost all girls rock on their wrists.

Their bracelets feature a groove which is made to house your hair elastic snuggly. Meaning that it’s suddenly unrecognisable and won’t cut off your circulation anymore!

The bracelets range from $45-85 US, but for girls, it’s like an investment that’ll be used daily. You can choose between a black, silver, gold or rose gold finish.


Get yours here.

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