If you’re a beauty aficionado, you’ll know that beauty products, just like food, have an expiry date.

Not complying with these dates means that you run the risk of passing on nasty infections – and no amount of concealer is going to fix that up.

So, how exactly do you know when your product is ready for the bin? Well, there are articles online that give you rough estimates, but of course, that can change depending on the brand you’re using, etc.

The sure fire way to tell? Grab your mascara or compact right now. Go on.

Now flip it over or to the side and find the spot where it tells you exactly how many mls or grams are in your product.

Now, next to it, you’ll see what looks like a container and a number next to an ‘M’ inside it.

This signifies how many months you should use this product before sending it to the bottom of the bin!



Source: Buzzfeed

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