The perfect male lover is tall, elegantly dressed, with smouldering eyes, a beard and good sense of humour according to women from 22 countries around the world.

In the survey released by Victoria Milan, bearded men won out over their clean shaven counterparts.

However it wasn’t all about looks, with 62% of women saying that personality won out over appearance.

Most important was a guy who knows how to have fun and who has a sense of humour, followed by men who are kind, romantic and empathic.

When it came to the guys however, looks won out over personality with long hair voted most important in the perfect female lover.

The guys were divided when it came to body type, with slim and curvaceous girls both getting the thumbs up.

Personality wise, kind women who know how to have fun, are youthful and adventurous were considered top of the list.


However, according to the Sigurd Vedal, the CEO of the matchmaking site for people looking to cheat, the perfect lover could very well be the opposite of what your life partner looks like.

“Having an affair with a lover is a way to live out your fantasies, and have things that you don’t find at home,” he said.

“The perfect lover doesn’t have to have the qualities you look for in a life partner – they need to be someone you can have a fantastic adult adventure with.”

Photo: AAP