A wedding guest’s outfit choice has been subjected to ridicule online after internet users said it was too ‘sexy’ and ‘inappropriate’.

The long navy silk gown was shared to a forum called Wedding Bee by a concerned sibling of the woman who was planning to wear the dress.

She explained that she was ‘unsure’ over the choice of outfit for their brother’s wedding because it had a train, she also uploaded an image of the $299 dress.

The sister said “She typically dresses like this, low cut outfits and is thin like the model, not huge boobs where it will be a distraction,” she continued. “She asked me if I thought it was okay, I’m not sure …. What do you think?

“I personally am not sure about having a train at someone else’s wedding?”

One person said “It looks like lingerie and I really don’t think it’s appropriate,” one person commented. “That is too much skin. It also looks cheap to me,” another remarked.


It’s not know if the woman actually wore it.