Photos: The TaTa Top Instagram

Well here’s a fashion trend that’s guaranteed to turn heads!

As the #freethenipple campaign continues to be fought across social media platforms, two women have decided to grab people’s attention in a rather unusual way.

Introducing the TaTa Top.

The skin toned, nipple emblazoned bikini is undoubtedly going to fuel debate on both sides of the argument.

And if you think the idea is ludicrous – don’t worry, creators Robyn and Michelle Lytle completely agree with you.

Writing on their website, the pair admit the top is “undeniably ridiculous”.


“It’s great to create a product that makes people laugh but it’s even better to be able to do something very serious with that success.  Never in the history of the world have nipples on a bikini top had the potential to make such an impact.”

Retailing at $28 (with $5 from each order going to cancer research), the TaTa Top is described as a bikini that “will feel like you’re…well…topless”.

The site goes on to sell the unusual fashion statement:

“The original TaTa Top is the perfect piece for almost any occasion. Whether it be at the beach, on a boat, walking down the street, or a child’s birthday party-the TaTa Top makes a bold statement saying ‘It’s just boobs, ya’ll. Get over it!!'”

Fair enough.

Question is – would you be game enough to wear one?

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