If you’re into rocking a golden glow, you’re probably well aware of the tanning options available to you.

There are the in-salon kind, the do-it-yourself mousses, lotions and sprays, and the gradual kind… there have even been tanning wipes in the past.

Now, there’s an even more awesome innovation among us. Even BETTER than wipes.

Yep, just after NIVEA made moisturising in the shower a reality, St. Tropez have gone and one-upped the trend by introducing tanning in the shower.

You heard right, St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower has just launched in Boots in the UK, and had a waitlist of over 10,000 eager tanners, including St. Tropez ambassador Kate Moss. (Just kidding, she got one before anyone.)

Check out this review from the dailymail.co.uk, “You also need to make sure that every bit is rinsed off, after the three minutes are up — and trust me, three minutes is all you need for this innocuous-looking shower cream to work. To my huge surprise, it did what it promised. Within eight hours, I had a subtle golden tan. It is described as a gradual tanner, which means you can keep applying it day after day to build the colour.”


Hooked. Line and sinker.

Join the waiting list here, product is set to land in October of this year!

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