Use your five favourite songs as the soundtrack to getting killer abs and obliques. Do move A for the entire song, except for when you get to the chorus – that’s when you switch to move B. Give it a go!

Song 1
A). Pointed leg crunches – lay on back, legs long in front of you. Hands behind head, elbows out, crunch.
B). Roll ups – legs long, reach arms toward sky, sit yourself up all the way up with arms extended up. Roll back with control.

Song 2
A). Russian twists – holding a medicine ball or weight, balance on your tailbone and bring knees in, heels lifted. Twist the ball side to side.
B). Leg outs – hold your hands together, balance on tailbone, keep knees together, feet together, push legs out straight then bend knees back in.

Song 3
A). Bicycles – laying on your back, hands behind tailbone, head rested. Push one leg out at a time.
B). Criss-cross – opposite shoulder to opposite knee (ie. right elbow to left knee, right leg straight out, switch).

Song 4
A). Wiggle – lay on back, big toes together, knees wide in the air. Hands behind head like you’re about the crunch, then bring right elbow to right knee, then left elbow to left knee.
B). Butterfly crunch – keep some stance but lower your diamond-like stance to the floor. Rest the sides of your feet on the mat, knees stay wide. Reach your arms forward and push through.

Song 5 
A). Flutters – rest head, shoulders on floor, place hands underneath your tailbone. Lift legs off the mat and straight out. Open legs out and in like sideways scissors.
B). Full sit-ups – legs in hip width apart, sit all the way up! An oldie but a goodie. Keep arms behind your head, crossed on chest or reaching forward.


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