Australia is expecting a second wave of coronavirus infections but health experts are saying they are confident we will be able to cope.

The nation is now a ‘victim of its own success’ as it has had a lower number of cases compared to other country’s, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly told reporters on Wednesday.

“In one sense we’re victims of our success to an extent, because we’ve had so few people that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and we are nowhere near that concept of herd immunity.”

“That would be one way of guarding against a second wave.”

Herd Immunity is when enough people have contracted the virus that they become immune to the infection.

Kelly has ruled out that this is how Australia will enact its next strategy as countries who have tried have been overwhelmed.

However, as there is no vaccine for the virus, a second wave is likely when restrictions lift.


“A second wave is always possible and that’s why those three precedents have been set by the prime minister before we lift those social distancing and socialisation rules,” he said.

National Cabinet has tabbed the week starting May 11 as the time to reassess lockdown restrictions nationwide.

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