A popular children’s sunscreen has been blamed for leaving a three-month-old baby with a “horrible rash/burn”.

Mother Jessie Swan has shared a photo of her son after he had a reaction to the Cancer Council’s 50+ Peppa Pig sunscreen.

Baby Thomas ended up being hospitalised for more than three days as a result.

Taking to the organisation’s Facebook page, Jessie wrote the burn was not your typical sunburn.

“He has not been in the sun, he was simply outdoors so I put screen on him just incase,” she wrote.

“We’ve been in hospital for 3 days 2 nights so far trying to treat this horrible rash/burn caused by your 50+Peppa pig sunscreen.”


Many other parents were soon sharing their stories of how they’ve also had severe reactions to the supermarket sunscreen brand.

“My daughter reacted badly to your sunscreen too. A tiny application left her bleeding on her face, and red and covered in welts on her body,” wrote one mother.

“My three-year old son received chemical burns on his face and ears from a Cancer Council sunscreen,” shared another.

My 8 year old daughter used this sunscreen last year and after applying it to her face, she started screaming and her face started to blister,” wrote another of the brand.

In response, the Cancer Council said they were investigating the incident and asked others to contact them directly.


“We would like to reassure everyone that our Cancer Council Kids sunscreen has been formulated to be as suitable for delicate skin as possible. It has a lower level of active ingredients when compared to other products and we have selected preservatives that are known to be more gentle on the skin,” they wrote.

“Please also be reassured that every product we release onto the market is approved by the TGA and meets very strict regulatory and quality standards. The current formulation has been on the Australian market for a number of years.

“This product is also dermatologically tested to ensure it passes the Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT), a recognised formal skin sensitivity test. However, everyone’s skin type is different and individual reactions can occur, which is why we recommend that you conduct a patch test before using, to make sure yours or your child’s skin does not have an adverse reaction.

“Having said this, we take any concern raised about our products very seriously. If you would like to follow up a specific complaint, please email info@cancer.org.au with your contact email address and phone number so our sunscreen team can get directly in touch with you.”

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