A new survey has shown that the average woman loses THREE hours of sleep a night and it’s all thanks to your partner!

And it doesn’t even end there, with UK research finding that half the women reported continually felt sleep-deprived and a third said they felt like they had a ‘broken night’s sleep’ each night.

This is a far cry from the two in ten men who reported the same.

Bensons for Beds sleep expert, Stephanie Romiszewski said “It makes sense that men and women have different sleep needs—we are in some ways very different.”

What with hormonal changes that come with menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, the biological differences alone are huge. With this in mind it’s really helpful for us to get into a few good sleep habits that can help get us through,” she continued to say.

The study also found that severe sleep loss leads to an impact on the women that means they feel unattractive without a full nights sleep.

To round it out, the study shows that 50% of sleeping issues are due to their partner snoring.