Sometimes there are beauty phenomenons that make outrageous claims, like erasing wrinkles, re-sculpting your face, even making your hair grow ten times faster.

While some can work wonders, others don’t live up to their ‘magical’ claims.

This lipstick however, is not one of those ‘too good to be true’ items.

The Frog Prince lipstick by Lipstick Queen contains a pigment called ‘chameleon’ that reacts to light, the pH level of your lips and the moisture level, which allows it to transform into your perfect shade of pink.

That means that the sheer green colour transforms into a flattering pink shade that is perfectly suited to your skin tone.

While for some it turns into an earthy, warm tone, for others the lipstick turns bright and vivid, like a strong magenta.

The lipstick also contains nourishing vitamin E and shea butter, making it super comfortable to wear and provides the lips with a nourished, glossy finish.


Believe it or not, the six women below are all wearing the same lipstick.


Source: Daily Mail

Images via Daily Mail

Lipstick Queen is available exclusively from Mecca Maxima and Kit Cosmetics stores from September 2015.

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