Photo: Lara compares the covers (Twitter)

It was war by social media on Monday night and the winner was a disgruntled Lara Bingle.

The model sparked online debate when she used her Instagram account to post up a picture of herself in a bikini which appears on the cover of Famous magazine.

The image shows Bingle frolicking on the beach in a black string bikini but what caused the outrage is the smattering of cellulite all over the pretty model’s legs.

Bingle claims Who magazine used the same images a few months ago and “they did not look like this”, referring to the cellulite. She says the magazine has photoshopped the unsightly dimples on to her legs.

“Perpetuating self doubt in all women in the name of making a quick buck. Sickening. Same day different magazine. YOU ARE A DISGRACE FAMOUS MAGAZINE,” she posted alongside two images on Instagram of the photos, the one from Famous and the original one from Who magazine without the cellulite.

The model directly addressed Famous magazine on Twitter saying, “You are a disgrace” to which the magazine replied, “The images are not photoshopped”.


She also told the magazine she was not married, referring to reports in the glossy that she was engaged to her boyfriend, actor Sam Worthington.

Bingle later posted the images on Twitter alongside the message “SAME DAY. DIFFERENT MAGAZINE”.

Bingle’s Twitter account was soon filled with messages of support from her followers with one tweeting “Wow, I’d have to say @MSLaraBingle certainly won the Twitter war over @Famousweekly”.

Bingle signed off on Twitter with a retweeted message from TV personality Charlotte Dawson, who herself has been a victim in the past of online trolling on her Twitter account.


Where the dimple debate goes next is anyone’s guess.


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