Glasshouse Candles don’t have to do much to impress us…

Have you ever smelt a flavour that you don’t love?

Well, now they’ve released a new line called ‘Sweet Tooth’ that is ‘all about celebrating the sweet life.’

Six (kind of) new scenes have been released in their iconic 380g Triple Scented Soy Candles.

Someone call the dentist because the flavours include;

Party On – Birthday Cake & Sprinkles

Imagine meringue-like vanilla cake batter swirled with coconut and amber… *screams*


Rich & Famous – Ice Mocha

Swirl rich chocolate, cream and coffee wafting with spicy vanilla and a glint of rum…. *SCREAMS*

Sweet Enough – Rich Salted Caramel

The perfect balance of savoury and sweet with stick molasses, Butterscotch and some lush coconut cream… *screams*


Movie Night – Caramel Popcorn & Choc Tops

I actually bought one of these as a limited edition from Peter Alexander over a year ago, so they must have re-packaged to be part of this collection and can I just say… from personal experience… it’s INCREDIBLE.

Creamy vanilla ice cream, roasted almond-stuffed waffle cones and sticky caramel popcorn… *SCREAMS*

All Red Ones – Favourite Crimson Lollies


If you’re in more of a fruity mood, they’ve made a gorgeously bold pomegranate, guava, raspberries, cherries and jam… *SCREAMMMMMMINGGG*

Bakery Binge – Freshly Made Everything

Nothing smells as good as walking past a bakery and smelling the fresh baked goods in there.

Now they’ve jar’d it as a candle, so imagine trays of hot bread, melted butter and cinnamon sugar… *SCREAMS INTO THE VOID*



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