Garlic Bread, a classic entrée, a classic school lunch, a classic snack, a classic all around. All of your senses are likely long-acquainted with the amazing, easy to make icon, but did you know you can get a CANDLE that smells like Garlic Bread?

Coming in at $30 from retailer Grey Lines, and with a burn time of 30 hours, you’re getting a solid hour of that amazing garlic bread smell per dollar. As much as we’d love to just make a batch of garlic bread and leave it out to smell great for 30 hours, it probably wouldn’t be quite as nice by the end (plus you can’t un-cook garlic bread like you can extinguish a candle).

And that’s not the only wacky candle they have either – other food-themed candles include a cheeseburger candle, bacon candle, red wine candle and more.

You can grab the Garlic Bread candle from Grey Lines’ website here, and see their other candles here. The Garlic Bread candle has sold out a few times before, but there’s stock now so it’s as good a time as any to grab it!

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