We all know that we need to drink water to survive.

But besides being a basic way to keep ourselves alive, water also adjusts our body temperature and helps with digestion.

It also helps remove all the toxins from our body and makes the necessary body fluids.

Drinking tea, juice or coffee doesn’t count as fluid requirements for the body, so here are the eight key signs that are our bodies are telling us we need more H2O.

Dry Skin

To stay healthy your skin must be hydrated all the time. If you have dry skin it means you are dehydrated and your skin lacks water.

Another sign is when your skin is dry even after applying lotions or balms to help keep it wet.


If you drink a few glasses of water every hour your skin will be healthy and amazingly soft and smooth.

Frequency Of Urination

A healthy person urinates around 6 or 7 times a day. If you urinate less than 2-3 times a day or have not urinated in several hours, you need to start drinking more water.

If you’re not consuming enough water, you may experience serious difficulties with your kidneys. 

Colour Of Your Urine


When you are dehydrated, the color of your wee will change significantly. You need to immediately start consuming larger amounts of water if the color of your urine keeps getting darker. If your urine is brown, that means that you are dehydrated.

However you shouldn’t drink large amounts of water in a small period of time, you should drink slowly so your body can gradually replenish the water in the required organs.


Many headaches actually occur due to dehydration. You can tell if it’s different from a normal headache, as this type of headache will get worse with any movement.

If you bend down to pickup something, move fast or move up and down stairs and the pain gets worse, then you need more water.

However you should remember to take the fluids slowly.


Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva can give you dry mouth. If you are constantly suffering from this, your throat and mouth could be permanently damaged. Dry mouth is often caused by lack of water in your body.

However, some medicines, may also cause less production of saliva in your mouth. If you are constantly having dry mouth, you should always carry a bottle of water with you.


Do you still feel hungry even though you have just eaten?


When this happens it actually means that your body is dehydrated. You’re feeling hunger because your body mistakes thirst for hunger.

So next time you feel hungry after you’ve just eaten, try drinking water instead of having a snack snacks. 


Sometimes if you feel lightheaded, it may be because your body has lost too much fluid.

Despite the dehydration, it’s actually the fluid build-up in your inner ear causing the dizziness. When you feel dizzy simply drink a glass of water. This condition is very common among athletes who stay in the sun for long.


Symptoms Of Chronic Dehydration

There are some symptoms that point to chronic dehydration. It is also important to know that these symptoms are often overlooked for the more visible and far more experienced form of dehydration.

These symptoms are:

Urinary Tract Infections

Premature ageing

Confusion/ Anxiety


High Cholesterol

Constipation or heart burn


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