There have been just six new cases of Coronavirus overnight but a top doctor has said that the current restrictions are likely to be the ‘new normal’ throughout 2020.

Three of the new cases were in Victoria, two in New South Wales and one in Queensland.

“We have just got a long way to go and whilst we can relax the restrictions, it doesn’t imply a relaxing of the behaviours,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth told Today.

“Washing the hands, keeping a distance when you can, downloading the app and staying at home when you are unwell. It has to be a normal part of 2020 for us.”

He said that today was a ‘big day’ for transport bosses and children return to work and some people return to work.


“It’s an important day, though, it’s a day we will be able to show that we can do this properly, that we can maintain the hygiene and we can start to get back on our feet again,” he said.

And while a vaccine trial will start soon in Adelaide, he warned all such trials are at a “very early stage”.

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