They say that your sense of smell is one of the strongest ways to trigger a memory – and one company is banking on that fact.

Yes, one fragrance company claims that they can make a perfume in the specific scent of your deceased loved one.


It may sounds a little creepy, but it’s actually kind of cute! You gather items that a loved one used, say their clothes and pillowcases and send them to a chemist at the Universite du Havre.

According to a report on Elite Daily, the chemist will them process each item one by one to isolate scent particles and they’ll be crafted into a sprayable fragrance!

Uh, you better save your pennies though, as one of these babies will cost you around $600.

According to founder Katia Apaletegui, the company’s goal is to provide “olfactory comfort” to help people deal with grief after the death of a loved one.


The company is set to launch properly in September.

Source: Elite Daily