To make sourdough bread, you need a ‘sourdough starter’ which is where the flavour and yeasty bread-making action comes from (yeah, we’re not up-to-date with the bread making lingo). 

Starters are different all over the world as bakers tailor ratios to their own recipes, but they normally have a mix of bacteria, yeast, flour and water which sounds… weird. 

Yes, starters are literally ALIVE.

Bacteria and yeast are ALIVE which is so creepy but also cool, so you need to feed them over time.

Your starter will want to chow down on flour and water once a week. 

Bourke Street Bakery is selling THEIR starter, named ‘George’, who came to life in 1997 and has been alive since.

They’ve been keeping George alive and feeding him for the last 23 years and now they’re sharing bits of him with the country so you can have that Bourke Street Bakery Sourdough flavour. 


180 grams of ‘George’ will cost $8.50 and can be purchased online and picked up from stores from Tuesday to Friday.

Bourke Street Bakery Parramatta has been uploading little videos to help you out feeding your little starter, so stay tuned there if you need some assistance!

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