Did you know that your underwear can seriously affect your vaginal health? 

There are certain types of undies you should try to avoid as much as possible as they can cause some serious health problems if they’re too tight or too wet. 

Whatever your underwear preferences are, it’s important to know the weird ways underwear can affect your health because while vaginas are very resilient, they’re actually prone to irritation and infection. 

Below are seven things to keep in mind about how your underwear choices can affect your vaginal health. 

1. Super tight underwear can lead to yeast infections and ingrown hairs 

Because the skin around your vaginal area is thinner, it’s really important to wear underwear that fits you correctly. Otherwise, really sign underwear will cause friction and therefore mild irritation as well as ingrown hairs. Additionally, tight underwear can contribute to development of yeast infections.

2. G-Strings can spread E. Coli to your vagina! 


Because most thongs literally sit tight next to your butt crack AND they tend to slide around a lot, they are known to transfer E. coli from your anus to your vagina. So, our tip? Make sure you find a G-string that’ll fit well and won’t slide all over the place and also isn’t too tight in the inseam. 

3. Breathable fabrics are best 

The best fabrics are breathable ones like 100& cotton and the seamless kinds. Non-breathable kinds (like panties made of lace, polyester, lycra and nylon) are more likely to irritate your vaginal area while also putting you at risk for developing yeast and bacterial infections. 

4. Shapewear can cut off your circulation, mess with digestion and cause UTIs! 

Unfortunately, everyone’s best friend ‘spanx’ is actually pretty bad for you IF you wear it too tight for too long! Plus, because spanx make it difficult to go to the bathroom, women tend to ‘hold on’ more than they should… leading to more UTIs. Additionally, high waisted spanx that cover your whole abdomen can interrupt food digestion and cause you to experience bloating and gas. 

5. Sweaty underwear can lead to yeast infections 


Sitting around in a wet swimsuit is bad for your vaginal health and the same goes for wet, sweaty underwear. If you sweat a lot, it could be a good idea to change your underwear more than once a day to avoid developing a yeast infection down there. 

6. Sleeping nude will keep your vagina VERY happy! 

Overnight, go commando! Night time is a great time to let your lady bits air out. 

7. Using scented detergents can cause MAJOR irritation 

Try to avoid washing your undies with scented detergent or drying them with scented dryer sheets. As we’ve already mentioned, the skin surrounding your vagina is thin and sensitive so the heavy perfumes found in your favourite laundry products can cause serious irritation and itching down there. 


Source: Bustle 

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