We’re all told to exercise, eat well and get a lot of sleep in order to live as long as possible.. 

However these fun habits have been proven to help extend your life span as well! 

Although some of them sound strange, they’re worth adopting to help live a little longer. 

1. Skip A Few Showers! 

Over washing your skin can strip it of natural oils and kill the good type of bacteria. 

2. Clean Your House

Frequent housework has also been linked to living a longer life! 


3. Go barefoot! 

This helps avoid absorption of some of the toxins that linger in the soles of our shoes! 

4. Laugh a lot 

Turns out laughter really is the BEST medicine! 

5. Keep on working 

Involving yourself in meaningful and productive tasks can help increase your longevity! 


6. Keep thing Spicy! 

Spices make you a whole lot healthier and help fight off bacteria and viruses. 

7. Have a couple of drinks! 

Researchers have found that moderate consumption of alcohol can lead to a longer life expectancy! Woohoo! 


Source: Bustle 

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