The ‘no make-up’ look is one that has taken over not only the runways, but the red carpets too.

Many celebrities are opting to go for a nude look that makes them look as though they just have naturally perfect skin, full brows, pillowy lips and a mean flutter.

The thing is, this look ironically requires HEAPS of make-up. Sorry to disappoint, ladies.

Discover how you can achieve this look below…

#1: Dewy, dewy, dewy

Make sure when choosing foundation, eyeshadows and concealer, you go for something dewy and luminous. This makes you look more natural, as though you have a natural gleam. In saying that, make sure to cover up any troublesome areas with a heavy duty concealer. Focus on the areas around your nose, under your eyes and your chin.


#2: Keep it earthy

When choosing eye and lip shades, keep them natural and neutral, with just a hint of colour. This means your skin will continue to look like your skin, just better.

#3: Ban shimmer

It’s important to stay away from any blush, bronzer or eyeshadow with shimmer. This will make it obvious that you’re wearing make-up, instead of just helping to perfect the features that you have.


#4: Build up your bronzer

Start with a light matte bronzer under your cheekbones. Build up the colour ever so slightly until you’re happy with the defined look of your cheekbone. Make sure to bring the bronzer up to your temples and down around your jawline too.

#5: Let there be light

Feel free to add some illuminator to your brow bone, your cheekbones and your cupids bow for some natural, defining light.


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