Everyone looooves a massage! But sometime’s they can be a little awkward! 

If you can literally switch off your thoughts and relax during your massage session then good for you! 

But most for most of us, our mind race around like a mice on a wheel and we often think the strangest things! 

Have you thought some (or all!) of the below too? 

1. This is JUST what I need… an hour of relaxation! 

2. OK, time to get naked. 

3. Or should I keep my undies on? What would the masseuse think if I didn’t? Ok, they’re staying on. 


4. Do people neatly fold and stack their clothing here? 

5. This heated bed is really nice. Definitely need one of these for home. 

6. I feel like I’ve been lying here naked under this sheet for an hour.. 

7. Awesome, yep start on my neck. 

8. OMG this hurts so much. Must means it’s working. 

9. I hope. 


10. I hope the massage oil she’s using doesn’t make my back break out because I really want to wear that new silk cami this weekend. 

11. This calming music is making me anxious. 

12. Can she really feel a pressure point on my shoulder and relieve it by pressing on one of my hips? Seems weird. 

13. I should’ve gone to the toilet earlier. 

14. God please don’t let me fart! 

15. That was the quickest 60 minutes of my life! 


Source: Bustle

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