From colour coding on packaging to product faults, we’ve heard of all different kinds of hacks that shoppers can use to get the most out of their Kmart shop. We do spend a LOT of time there, after all! 

Now, a former employee took to YouTube to spill the juicy details that you may have never heard of – and there is one in particular that could save you a load of cash at the checkout.

In a video titled ’10 Secrets Kmart Doesn’t Want You To Know’, Rita Kaminski shared a barcode hack that helps you score a markdown.

“The last digit on the barcode changes after every new season,” she explained.

“So if there are two toasters that look exactly the same and the last digit of one barcode is eight and the other is nine, the one with the eight should be cheaper.

“It has to be the same model, they just tweak the product and the price I found doesn’t come up straight away on the system.”


Kaminski worked at the department store for four years as a teenager and has also come clean about how employees feel about customers (to her knowledge, anyway).