A mum has revealed her surprising find in a tin of Nestle Nan Supreme baby formula.

On Facebook, Jess shared a photo of what she discovered inside the tin which she purchased four months ago but only recently opened.

Instead of what she expected to be formula, she found hot chocolate powder.

“So I went to give my son a bottle tonight,” Jess wrote online.

“I opened what I thought was a nice tin of formula (bought four months ago) and it’s full of hot chocolate.

“Is this an actual thing? Do people empty the tin, refill it with something else and then return it for a refund?


“Who does this when there is a shortage of formula?”

According to Jess, the tin no longer had the foil seal and weighed 1.2kg when filled with the chocolate powder, rather than the 800g advertised when filled with baby formula.

It isn’t the first time this has happened across the globe with the scam being reported in other countries. The incident left many other mothers stunned and we imagine they were checking their tins.

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