Is it just us, or did the Lotus Biscoff just swoop in out of nowhere to become everyone’s favourite snack to collab with?

I mean sure, the humble Biscoff has been around since the 1930s, but it does feel like its popularity has just exploded over the past couple of years.

And we get it. That shortcrust, cinnamonny Biscoff flavour is welcome in so many snacks.

Now, Woolies have teamed up with the guys behind the Biscoff bicky to create a cake that sounds utterly delicious! The supermarket is now dishing up an $8 Vanilla Cake with Lotus Biscoff, and we are so keen to try this.

It’s a vanilla layer cake covered in Biscoff-infused buttercream and drizzled in Biscoff spread. And of course, topped off with Biscoff biscuits.

And the whole thing is totally vegan, just like the biscuits themselves, which means even vegans can have themselves a slice.

The cake’s now available at Woolies stores around the country as well as selected Woolworths Metro stores.

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