Did you know World Fried Chicken Day is on the 6th of July?

And did you know the iconic Vietnamese restaurant ‘Hello Auntie’ (located in Marrickville and Darling Square) is celebrating it with a world first (according to them, we’ll need to check my pho-brined fried chicken sources) Pho Brined Fried Chicken!

We’re talking 12-hour brined pho chicken coated in a crunchy pho-infused batter and a side of pho-infused sauce.

It’s pho-king crazy! (sorry)

If that sounds good, the restaurant is also pairing the chicken with Boll & Cie Blanc De Blanc. 

For $100 you can get 1kg of the fried chicken, a bottle of Boll & Ce and the special sauce.

If 1kg of chicken is too much for you there’s another option.


For $20 you can get a single piece of fried chicken and a glass of Boll & Ce.

It’s only available for two weeks starting this Friday, July 3rd, so don’t miss out!