Bless this holiday and bless Woolies for hearing the need to release their advent calendar as soon as they possibly can.

The Cheese Advent Calendar sold out in 2019 and 2020 so I have a feeling you better get in quick for 2021.

2021’s calendar sees a showcase of six Thomas Dux cheeses from across the world.

For $20, over 12 days you’ll get;

2 x Double Gloucester Cheese with Spring Onion & Chives

2 x Cheddar Cheese with Black Pepper

2 x Double Gloucester Cheese


2 x Mature Cheddar Cheese

2 x Red Leicester Cheese

2 x Cheddar Cheese with Chilli

So, side-eye your colleagues and maybe pop into Woolies during your lunch break to get your hands on one before they disappear.

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